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East Cheshire - Staffs border 


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Our friendly club-house

Please note, we are not accepting visits or new members at the moment.


So here we are on a bright and sunny winter morning.  Looking forward to the better weather that summer brings and we hope to see a lot of new faces and old friends. We have been busy adding to our facilities and a new chalet was built & completed last summer by one of our members.


As an “off grid” club we make the best of the resources around us. 

The club has installed solar electric power for our lighting and refrigeration needs. Over the winter we have also been putting together a rain water harvesting system which feeds our toilets, showers and swimming pool. We are also engaged in a review of what club members require and making further improvements to our facilities.


As always we try to achieve this with a low environmental footprint, using recycled and donated materials wherever we can. Not only is this good for the environment and saves money but it is an intriguing challenge to our inventiveness as to how materials can best be reused.


The ethos of naturism has many interpretations from the big full facility clubs and resorts to at the other end of the spectrum, lighting a driftwood fire on a remote beach and enjoying all that nature has to offer.  So naturism has something to offer everyone, friendship, relaxation, sports and a get away from it all de-stressing from the pressures of modern life.  






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